Simone Grøtte is a contemporary choreographer from Lakselv in Northern Norway. Her work is strongly influenced by her indigenous Sami background and living and working in the arctic region, where these elements are woven into a modern expression in the theme, scenography and music.

Her projects explore questions revolving around identity and belonging, with an approach focusing on human emotions and perspectives.

Grøtte has collaborated on productions with large institutions such as Norrdans in Sweden, Hålogaland Teater, Varangerfestivalen and Festspillene i Nord-Norge. The last of these on the critically acclaimed and popular performance GLEMT / FORGOTTEN. In 2018 FORGOTTEN was selected to perform as part of the official program at Cinars, Canada and Tanzmesse, Germany.

In 2020 / 2021 Grøtte is commissioned for work with The Norwegian Opera & Ballet. 

"She has a unique talent for giving local history universal relevance, and a unique ability to transform trivial subjects into something exotic." - Jo Strømgren

Read interview with Simone in the cultural magazine HØTT: