A short film by Simone Grøtte and Herman Rundberg, Norway 2015.

Homecoming is a journey through fragile thoughts about identity and a sense of belonging. A fervent longing to leave home and fearing what one might lose. What do we take with us regardless of how far from our origins we come? 

Homecoming is about the love of a place called home, the meaning of roots and a search for peace in itself.


Produced by: Grøtte / Rundberg
Director / choreographer / performer: Simone Grøtte
Art director / editor: Anastasia Isachsen
Director of photography: Hallgrim Haug
Music / lyrics: Herman Rundberg and Kråkesølv
Photography of Aurora Borealis: Ørjan Bertelsen
Thanks: The Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, Varangerfestivalen and Sparebank 1 Nord-Norges Kulturnæringsstiftelse