Northern Soul

By Simone Grøtte and Herman Rundberg. Co - produced by Varangerfestivalen, Norway 2014.

Northern Soul opened the Varangerfestivalen in Northern Norway, moved the audience to tears and received a spontaneous standing ovation from a full hall.

Northern Soul is exactly what the title suggests: it is an expressive, philosophical and emotional trip into a Northern soul: its identity, quest and homecoming. A collaborative effort between artists within music, contemporary dance, film and visual art resulted in a large-scale production that included a band, a string orchestra, a choir, dance, three projection screens and magnificent scenography on two stages


Concept / choreography / performer: Simone Grøtte
Concept / composer: Herman Rundberg
Video art / stage concept: Anastasia Isachsen
Director of photograph: Hallgrim Haug
Lighting design: Tor Ditlevsen
Musicians: Herman Rundberg, Halvard Rundberg, Hogne Rundberg, Petter Carlsen, Ole Jørn Myklebust, Varangerfestival choir and The Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra
Vocals: Mari Boine, Kråkesølv, Kjetil Holmstad-Solberg and SlinCraze
Supported by: Sparebank1 Nord-Norges Kulturnæringsstiftelse and Barentssekretariatet


14. July 2016 - Riddu Riđđu Festival, Kåfjord
18. October 2015 - Performed LIVE for 1 million TV viewers on telethon "NRK TV-aksjonen 2015" for the Rainforest Foundation
6. August 2014 - Premiere at Varangerfestivalen, Vadsø